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Apply for a water meter

Before you start - what you need to know

  • We fit water meters for free – We will need to arrange an appointment to survey your property to see if a meter can be fitted.
  • The installation process can take up to 90 days.
  • Once a meter is fitted, you cannot change back to non-metered bill.
  • If you are renting we recommend you get permission from your landlord.

Important notice about your electricity supply

When installing meters in properties built before 1996, it may be necessary to replace old metal pipes. Some older electricity systems still rely on the supply pipe providing an 'earth' - this is now prohibited. If you believe your property may have this system, you should contact a qualified electrician to ensure you have an adequate earth. Any costs involved cannot be reimbursed by Affinity Water.

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Select an appointment

Please note you must be present at the time of the visit.

We are currently experiencing a very high volume of applications. Although we plan for this seasonal increase in demand, unfortunately there may be a delay finding an appointment. We are working hard to rectify this.

Please note: all available appointments are shown on the booking calendar.

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AM (7.00 - 12.00) AM (7.00 - 12.00)
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Your details

Appointment Reminder

If you would like us to send you a reminder for your upcoming appointment, please select your preferred contact method and complete your details below:


Billing information

Please tell us a bit more about you. This helps us to make sure your bill is accurate and identify any changes to your water usage.


Please include everyone who will use water at the property, including children.


Low use: Take showers in preference to baths (but not power shower) Infrequent use of washing machine Absent from house during the day.

Average use: Regular baths and showers (including power shower) Washing machine used daily Occasionally use dishwasher.

High use: Frequent full baths or frequent use of power shower Heavy use of washing machine Frequent toilet flushing eg working at home or retired Use water softener.

Installation information

We try to fit the water meter outside the property, if this is not possible then we try to fit internally. You are responsible for making sure your internal stop tap is accessible and working.

Please tell us if you have any further information about your installation or any special circumstances


Parking and access

What happens next?

  • Until the meter is fitted please continue to pay your non-metered charges.
  • After your meter is fitted, we will change your account to metered charges and send you a revised bill.
  • If you are on a payment plan we will send you a new plan taking into consideration any payments made.
  • After your account is updated you cannot change back to non-metered bill

Terms and conditions

  • I confirm that I am the account holder.
  • I authorise Affinity Water to carry out survey work to decide if a meter can be installed at my property. Where possible, I would like the meter fitted in the same visit.

Data protection: The information you provide may be used by Affinity Water to provide you with water services, give you information about your water supply and manage your account; including the collection and recovery of charges. We also collect charges on behalf of Thames Water and Anglian Water who provide sewerage services in our supply area. Read our full privacy policy.