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Can I take my own meter readings?

You can read your own meter, as long as it is safe to do so. In most cases, when the meter is on the public footpath, for example, you should be able to get to the meter but, if it is under a large cover or poses a risk from traffic or other hazards, please do not put yourself at risk.

However, it is good to know how to read your meter so that you can check for any leaks or to take a reading when you move.

You can see a useful guide on how to read your meter by clicking here How to read your meter.

Please note, our regulator requires us to read your meter at least once a year so, even if you can read the meter, we must make this regular reading ourselves.

How can I send you my meter readings?

When you read your meter, you should make a note of the black and white numbers (whole cubic metres) on your meter and ignore the red and white and you will need your customer number.


You can choose from the following options:

 – log in or register for My Account and submit your reading
*SMS – Send your message with the word READ followed by your customer number and meter reading to 07860 005 157. *Your mobile provider may charge for this SMS message