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Bogus Callers – Stay Safe at Home & online

Bogus callers are thieves who pretend to be part of a company or organisation, in order to enter your property without a struggle or they could call you on your phone and try to gain access to your PC or obtain your bank details by convincing you that they are calling on our behalf.

Staying Safe Online

In the same way that you would never just allow a stranger to wander into your home, you should not allow a stranger to access your computer or tablet and your online information. Sadly, there are unscrupulous people who will use various methods (emails, websites, pop-ups) to either extract information from you or to get you to perform an action such as installing unauthorised software or visiting a malware infested website. This is usually known as ‘phishing’.
It is very important to us that our customers stay safe, so please learn to identify suspected phishing attempts and follow these simple rules:

  • Look out for unfamiliar or misspelled company names or anything odd with your name or details
  • Be suspicious of contacts from people or companies you don’t normally hear from
  • Be cautious about requests for personal information, passwords or PINs etc. unless it’s on a secure website
  • Never go to websites by clicking on links in emails or download any attachments they contain unless you are certain about their source
  • Ensure your anti-virus software is up-to-date
  • If you become suspicious about an email, delete it immediately
  • Above all, if you have the slightest doubt, don’t risk it!

Don’t be a victim of Fraud

Fraudsters are using various “social engineering” techniques, normally over the telephone, to trick the victims into allowing access to computer equipment in order to facilitate a refund of monies paid to Affinity Water.

In order to help protect you, our customer, Affinity Water would like to remind you that we will:-

  • NEVER ask you to install any software on your computers or web enabled devices.

  • NEVER ask you to engage in a remote access session with our support teams.

  • NEVER call you offering a refund of monies paid on your account.

  • NEVER ask anyone to do any of the above on our behalf.

If you receive a phone call requesting any of the above you should hang up immediately, and consider reporting it to Action Fraud UK at this address

To help you stay safe online, Affinity Water recommend that you:-

  • Install a reputable anti-virus product and keep it up to date

  • Ensure that your devices operating system is updated as and when the provider issues updates, often this process can be automated.

  • Never reveal usernames or passwords to anyone.


Beware of bogus callers offering Home Water Efficiency Checks

There has been reports of bogus callers knocking on doors in the Hatfield area offering customers a Home Water Efficiency Check costing between £75 -£90.

Affinity Water team members are knocking on doors in the Hatfield area offering free Home Water Efficiency Checks, and they will NEVER ask you for money. If someone knocks on your door claiming to be from Affinity Water, please take the time to check that they are a genuine employee. Don’t let anyone in unless they are in uniform and can show you an Affinity Water Identity Card.


If you are in any doubt, ask them to wait outside while you call our Customer Contact Centre on 0345 357 2403 – don’t worry about causing offence, if they are genuinely from Affinity Water, they won’t mind waiting.

If there is any doubt, do not continue with the conversation, close and lock your door and contact our Customer Contact Centre on 0345 357 2403 and the police.


Register a password with us

We are supporting the Doorstoppers campaign against bogus callers. Many different organisations have agreed to a code of practice to help you identify a genuine caller.

Whether you are elderly, living alone, or have small children, if you feel vulnerable within your home for whatever reason, you have the opportunity to register for a password with us. If any of our staff need to visit you they will need to communicate the password to you before they can enter your property.







Watch our video on dealing with bogus callers




  • NEVER let a stranger into your home on the basis of their words alone.

  • Affinity Water would NEVER cold call our customers and offer a discount for full payment.

Here is more information on dealing with bogus callers:

How do you spot and stop bogus callers

When bogus callers knock on your door, they will:

  • Not have an appointment

  • Not generally have any type of uniform or arrive in any official van

  • Not be willing for you to study their identity (if they have any)

  • Usually work in pairs

  • Try and make you feel under pressure

Official callers will:

  • Make an appointment where possible. They will have your personal details on record and will be able to write/phone for an appointment in advance. However, please be aware that in certain circumstances, Affinity Water staff may need to visit you without an appointment, but will always carry ID

  • Be only too happy for you to look at the I.D. they carry

  • Wear a company uniform, and may have a company van

  • Understand if you do not let them in, and will not put you under pressure.

  • Not enter your home in pairs (our staff normally work alone)

If a bogus caller gains entry to your home:

  • If there are two of them, one will stay with you and the other will go to another part of the house

  • If they are working alone, they will ask you to do something which distracts you or separates you from them

If they do enter your home, an official caller will:

  • Only go to one point in your home e.g. gas/electric/water meter, kitchen stop valve

  • Want you to stay with them

What to do if someone knocks at your door

  • Be cautious and suspicious even if they have an appointment 

  • Put the door chain on. If you don't have one, think about getting one

  • Ask for identification from any stranger wanting access to your premises.  If you have a spy-hole in your door look through it, and ask for the individual to identify themselves before opening the door. If necessary, ask the person to post their ID through the letterbox before opening the door.

  • Check the ID carefully, don't just glance at it. Don't hesitate to ask the person to show their ID again if you did not get a good look at it the first time. You will be looking for a photo of the person on the ID, their name and the logo of the company they claim to work for. Check to see that the person holding the ID matches the person shown in the photo. 

  • Note down the name of the person and get in touch to confirm their identity. All of our employees and contractors carry ID cards and will be pleased to wait on the doorstep while their identity is confirmed with the Customer Call Centre. Our employee may also call in at the same time to verify their arrival

  • Lastly, check that the person is wearing branded clothing and also that the vehicle that they have arrived in bears the same logo

  • If you become suspicious, refuse to let the person enter and if they become loud or show any aggression call the police by dialling 999

  • Don't be afraid to refuse entry, genuine callers will understand.

Be safe.

Third party consent

If you wish for your account to be handled by a third party (family member, friend etc) you will need to complete a Third party consent form in order for us to be able to disclose the information about your account with another party on your behalf.