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Interruption to your water supply- Watford - WD17, WD24, WD25 & WD5

Wednesday 03 June 2020

Update 06:10

Thank you for your patience last night. Your water supply returned early hours of this morning and you should now have normal pressure. If you are experiencing a problem with your water supply, you may have air in you plumbing system.

This can easily be fixed and we have a team of engineers that will be working in the area to help you, if your water is cloudy this is not uncommon. Cloudy water is caused by air that becomes trapped in the mains, neither of these are harmful to your health. To see more about how to clear discoloured or aerated water why not watch our short video guide here

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this incident.

This message will be removed after 12:00

Update 23:25

Levels in our reservoir have stabilised but you will still experience low pressure or a supply interruption overnight. We apologise for the impact this may have on you.

We are working throughout the night on our network to restore supply and we will provide a further update after 6am.

We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Our storage reservoir North of Watford has run almost empty due to the exceptionally high demand for water at present.

The impact to you is that you may have lower pressure than normal or a loss of supply. You may also get airlocks in your plumbing system as a result.

We are responding to an extraordinary increase in demand as a result of extraordinary circumstances – the combination of the warm weather and with us all being at home

Our key worker teams are working to fix it by adapting our network so that we can recharge our storage reservoirs tonight. 

We are delivering bottled water to vulnerable customers and we have teams in the area to provide support to all of our customers

We know this is a problem and we are sorry for the impact this is having on you.

This message was added at 21:10 and will be updated at 23:10

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