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Understanding the Operational Terms Understanding the Operational Terms Banner

As we all settle into the new water market, we thought it might be useful to explain each of the sections within the Operational Terms. We have also included some completed wholesale forms in connection with each of the relevant Operational Terms, for your reference.

We have highlighted the areas where information must be given and this information is required to be complete and correct. If you don't complete these areas, your form will be rejected and sent back to you for completion and resubmission. Please click on the sections below to find out more.  


Operational terms section B - Metering

Operational terms section C - Confirmation and verification of supply arrangements

Operational terms section D - Planned activities and affected services

Operational terms section E - Unplanned event and incidents

Operational terms section F - Monitoring, investigations, complaints and enquiries

Operational terms section H - Allowances, assessment requests and incentive applications

Operational terms section I - Disconnections


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