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H. Allowances, assessment requests and incentive applications


Section Description

Application for an allowance and/or Volumetric Adjustment or Wholesaler notice of review and/or change of allowance

You should follow this process where you want to claim, on behalf of your customer, for an allowance and/or volumetric adjustment in cases such as but not limited to, bursts or leaks, water used for fire fighting or the outcome of a confirmed faulty meter (see B3). This may or may not result in us carrying out a survey visit to your customer's premises.

We would also use this process to inform you of our intention to review existing allowances and/or makes changes to existing allowances and possibly request information from you. It may or may not require us to carry out a survey visit to your customer’s premises.


Application for a Contribution Offer in respect of installing a meter at an Unmeasured or Assessed Service Component - Chargeable

Where you have an unmetered customer premises, where metering has been deemed previously impractical, you would follow this process to seek our offer of a Contribution of costs, as per our Wholesale Tariff Document, to make practical and install a meter (if possible). This process will result in us visiting your customer's premises.


Review of charges at Unmeasured or Assessed Supply Points

This is the process we would follow where a review and/or change of the current charges would be carried out. We undertake periodic reviews of where we have previously applied an Assessed tariff to ensure it still meets the set criteria.

You would also follow this process where you have identified a change in circumstances, activity or tenancy in relation to unmetered supply points which have had Assessed tariff’s applied. An example of this would be the addition of catering facilities.

Also where we have unmeasured charges being applied to a customer premises and you wish to make an application for Assessed charges to be applied. 

This may or may not result in a visit to your customer's premises.


Wholesaler notice of change in Tariff applied to a Service Component

We would follow this process to inform you of a change of tariff where we have, for example, identified changes in a customer’s usage profile.


Retailer application for change in Tariff applied to a Service Component

You would follow this process to request a change to the customers existing Tariff, providing your reasons and any supporting documentation.

H6 Application for payment of Gap Site incentive payment (Not currently being offered)
H7 Application for payment of Vacant Premises incentive payment (Not currently being offered)

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