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Ugley - Cambridge Road

Water Supply Problems - Ugley CM22 - Thursday 6 December 2018

Update 11:40

We have successfully repaired the water main and anticipate full restoration of your supply within the next hour. However, some customers who are located on higher land within the affected area may still experience lower water pressure whilst we a flushing the water main.

Should you experience any discoloured or aerated water which is not uncommon following a mains interruption, we recommend that you leave a mains fed tap running for approximately 5-10 minutes. Discolouration of the water is caused by small particles of iron which are within the mains and disturbed during interruptions.

Cloudy water is caused by air that becomes trapped in the mains, neither of these are harmful to your health. To see more about how to clear discoloured or aerated water why not watch our short video guide here

Where it has been necessary to excavate the area we will continue to work with the local Highways Authority to return the road surface area to normal and ensure that the road or footway is safe for all vehicle and pedestrian traffic. This may mean that we have to maintain the site and any necessary traffic management until this is the case.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this incident and would like to thank our customers for their patience today.

This message will be removed after 08:00 7/12/18

If you are in the above area and are experiencing problems with your water supply, a third party has damaged one of our water mains and this may be affecting you.

Our repair team are on site now and working to fix the damaged section of pipework. Providing there are no complications with the repair, we anticipate this work should be completed within the next two hours.

During this time we ask you not to use any electrical appliances that require a water supply, for example washing machines or dishwashers and to conserve water from storage tanks during the time your water supply is interrupted.

If you do still have a supply, we would advise you to store some water for drinking, in case your water has to be switched off for a repair to be completed.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused and aim to restore your supply to normal as soon as possible.

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