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You are here : Drought - Where water comes from

Where our water comes from

Over the last three years, we have had below-average rainfall. This has resulted in the longest period of consistently below average groundwater levels since our records began.

Our central region covers Hertfordshire, west Essex and parts of Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, North London and Surrey. The South East of England is classified as a severely water-stressed area by DEFRA.

Why winter rain is important

Groundwater supplies are dependent on winter rainfall

In the central region, 60% of our water comes from underground sources. The ground needs to be wet for water to seep through.

Summer rainfall has little impact on the water levels because the ground is hard and dry, this makes it difficult for water to get through, and it runs off. Water is also used by plants and vegetation and evaporates.

Learn more about the groundwater levels where you are

Click on the map below to see what the water levels are like where you live.

Supply area map

Find out where our water comes from

Why is the Central region in drought?

An overview of factors that have contributed to the drought

Why is the central region in drought?

What restrictions could look like

List of activities that could be affected by water restrictions

What restrictions could look like

What we are doing to save water

The work we are doing to save water and protect our network

What we are doing to save water

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