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Our Water Resources


Last updated: 21 March 2017

Ground water levels: below average


Like all water companies, we depend on rain for the water we supply to you.

Since July 2016 there has been low rainfall and the water in our aquifers (natural underground water reservoirs) and rivers that we use to supply your water has dropped below average.

Usually aquifers only fill up from rainfall during Autumn and Winter, between October and March. But over recent months, rainfall has been significantly lower than average in our Central and Southeast regions. This means we have not seen the usual rise in groundwater levels that we would expect and we cannot rule out the possibility of restrictions on household use this summer, to preserve water supplies.

We are continually monitoring our water resources levels and we will keep customers up to date here.


Learn how you can help save water

None of us can make it rain, but we can all use less water to help conserve supplies for everyone. For information on how you can help save water, save energy and save money


Our current water levels

Below is a diagram of our current water levels


Rainfall levels

Here is a graph showing the average rainfall levels for the past year


To find out more about our water resources and the water cycle click here

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