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What if I have no water?

It is extremely rare to experience a complete loss of water to your mains supply. However, if this happens at your property, there are a number of possible causes:

The internal plumbing of your house

Recent plumbing work can occasionally cause an internal water pressure problem. Check to see whether a blockage has caused the loss of water. If your mains-fed tap (usually your kitchen tap) is supplying water at the normal pressure, but taps supplied by your internal water tank are not, then you need to contact your plumber. 

Trapped air

This may happen if there has been an interruption to your water supply and your pipes have been drained. Trapped air will therefore stop water flowing through your pipes. If this has happened because of work you are having done to your home, ask your plumber to help resolve the problem. We will only consider carrying out internal repairs if we have caused trapped air by interrupting your water supply. 

A burst main

If your mains water tap (usually your kitchen tap) is not providing any water, please check if your neighbours are having the same problem. If they are, it is very likely that this is a mains water supply problem, in which case contact us immediately.

Power cut

In rural areas power cuts can affect our pumps which in turn affect the water supply to your home. As all our facilities are continually monitored, these situations are detected immediately and measures then taken to restore the water supply.

Shared water supplies

Some properties may get their water through a common or shared supply pipe and/or stop tap. Properties which share a supply may be houses along the same road, units in an industrial area, flats in the same building and even a private dwelling above a shop or offices. If the stop tap is closed, either internally or out in the street, or there is a burst on the shared part of the pipe, all the properties on that supply will probably be affected. If you are aware of any work being carried out on neighbouring properties, such as building work or a property recently made empty, you should check first that this is not the cause of the problem.