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How much water do you use?

According to the Environment Agency the national water use average is 163 litres per day.
Our average non-metered customer uses 182 litres of water per day.
Our average customer on a metered supply uses 162 litres per day.

Just take a look at the chart below to see how water is used in the average home.

Water Useage Chart

Why not complete our water audit to see how much water you use?

Alternatively, you can find out how much your bill would be on a water meter.

If you find you are using more water that you thought, check out our Tips for reducing your bill leaflet

Water usage calculator

What company deals with your waste water?

Central Region Customers

Thames Water Anglian Water

East Region Customers

Anglian Water

To find out who manages your waste water please refer to our sewerage services map