Serving parts of North West London and the Home Counties.

Managing water resources

We're making our contribution to ensuring that water continues to be available to you whenever you need it. We do this by maintaining and improving water distribution through:

  • reduced leakage
  • increased infrastructure investment
  • extended metering
  • actively promoting water efficiency

For more information on the challenges we face and the measures we are taking to manage our water resources please see the links below.

Drought Management

Our drought management plan looks at the likely prospects of a drought occurring and details the actions we will take to manage the situation to ensure all customers have sufficient water during times of drought.  We work with other water companies in the south east, as well as the Environment Agency to move water around the region where possible, to protect your supply.

In the longer term all the water companies have 25-year water resources strategies in place to prepare for climate change, house building and increases in demand in the south east.

Working with environmental groups

We work closely with the Environment Agency to reach a balance between the demand for water against the availability of water resources, whilst also protecting the Environment.

We also work closely with the Chiltern Chalk Stream Project and Ver Valley Society, keeping them informed of decisions relating to individual rivers and addressing their concerns. 

Schemes are currently operating on rivers in our area that are at risk from low flow and over-abstraction. This includes Rivers Misbourne, Beane, Ver and Hiz.

Please follow the links below to find out more information about how we work with these organisations (each will open in a new window):

Environment agencyChiltern Chalk Streams Project Ver valley society

Climate change

We are a member of the South East Climate Change Partnership, who investigate, inform and advise on the impacts of climate change on the south east of the country.

Membership of the partnership allows us to keep close to the issues of climate change, climate change mitigation and adaptation in the south east.


Seemingly minor contamination of groundwater supplies can seriously compromise our water resources and a number of incidents in our supply area have meant that we can no longer extract water from some sources.

At least one source of supply has to be taken out of distribution each year due to pollution incidents, which can occur by situations like a petrol spill, or be as a result of pollutants leaching from a landfill site into rivers and aquifers.