Serving parts of North West London and the Home Counties.

Doing our bit

It’s important that everyone makes changes to their lives in order to be more water efficient, and we are no exception. We're always looking for new ways to save water and doing what we can to protect it.

If we all do our part to make small changes where we can, we will help ensure that the way we use water is more sustainable for the future. Some of the measures we as a company are taking are below:

Fixing Leaks

Leakage of water from ageing mains networks is a major issue for every water company in the UK. We are working hard to reduce leakage losses from the network and we expect to continue to meet the targets agreed with our regulator Ofwat, for reduced water loss.  For more information on the measures we take to fix leaks please review our Planned works in your area section.

Installing meters

With the full support of Ofwat, we have decided to meter all properties when they are:

  • newly built

As well as being a fairer way to charge for water use, metering is proven to reduce demand, particularly at peak times during the summer months meaning considerable water savings each year.

To find out more about having a meter installed free of charge at your property please read I'd like a water meter.

Community awareness

Our award-winning Environment & Education Centre carries out research into water efficient gardening methods, as well as educating local school children about the importance of saving water and the environment.

We are monitoring the impact of water use through activities such as water audits and water butt campaigns, and will continue the award winning School Water Audit Project, where we work with pupils to identify potential water savings in their school.

Find out more about our work with local schools in our Education section.