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New or Replacement Connection




  1. Our planning team checks your application.

  2. Our planner will call you within 5 working days to propose an installation date. The date will be within 21 calendar days if there are no extraordinary conditions (we confirm in writing if your works are considered extraordinary). You can request a later installation date if this suits your build programme (if you do opt for this we confirm the date in writing).

  3. If required, we will apply to the Highways Authority for a Street works permit. They have 3 working days to respond to us.

  4. The permit status is confirmed and any conditions are noted. If this affects your installation date we will contact you, otherwise we will confirm your date on our schedule.




  1. Our site agents may visit the area before their installation team arrives (you do not have to be present).

  2. On the scheduled day our installation team will arrive to start the work.

  3. Our installation team will complete the installation of our new pipework and connect to yours. They will install the new meters and are required to prove the supply and confirm the postal address. When everything is installed the team will leave site.

  4. If any reinstatement is required this will be completed no more than 3 working days after the installation work.


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