Serving parts of North West London and the Home Counties.

Self Lay Water Mains


On site works forms


1. Once there is a completed Self lay Agreement in place works on site can begin.

2. Included with the agreement you will receive the following forms to complete and return to us as you progress through your installation phase.


How we process your forms

Req02SL - Notification to Pressure Test and Chlorinate Main

  • Send us your completed Notification Pressure test and Chlorinate of Main form

  • We may inspect on a regular basis

  • Send us your results for our records.


Req03SL - Commencement of Service Connections and

Req04SL - Request for Meter Installation or Meters to be Supplied

  • Send us your completed forms

  • We will confirm when we have received full payment for your requested meters.

  • We will notify you when the meters is available for you to collect or when we are available to fit them.


Req05SL - Notification of Connection Completed and Meter Details

  • Once you have fitted the meter send us your completed Notification of Connection Completed and Meter Details form.

  • We will raise an invoice for infrastructure charges

  • We also create a water bill for that meter

  • After you have paid for the infrastructure invoice and the water bill, please notify us of the new owner.

  • Then we will create an account for the new owner.


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