Serving parts of North West London and the Home Counties.

Self Lay Water Mains



Self lay application process infographic


  1. Submit your Section 51 Application for a self-lay requisition water main and/or services. Please allow us up to 5 working days to process your application.

  2. We will confirm we have everything needed to answer your enquiry within 5 working days of receiving your application, and when to expect your estimated asset value.

  3. We will design your works over a period of 28 calendar days or 42 calendar days if your scheme is considered Extraordinary (we will confirm this in writing).

  4. We will send you a formal offer letter, draft self lay agreement and estimate asset value form 28 calendar days or 42 calendar days after receiving the full and complete information.

  5. Complete and return the self lay agreement and the signed asset form.


Self Lay - Agreement

 Self lay agreement process infographic


1. We complete our sections and send the agreement to you within 14 calendar days, however if we sign and stamp the agreement we will send it within 5 calendar days.

2. Included with your agreement we will send you the following forms, please complete them and return to us as you progress through your installation phase.

3. We will sign the agreement and send you a copy


Installation Phase

Installation phase process infographic


  1. Advise us of a date when you would like provision of water to site.

  2. We programme in your works

  3. Send us your completed Req02SL - Notification to Pressure Test and Chlorinate Main form to confirm the date of works.

  4. Make your site ready for a check.

  5. Two days before the install date of the water main, we will inspect your site to ensure it is ready for our works.

  6. We will attend site and carry out the connections.

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