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Seasonal & Stepped tariffs

Please note the Seasonal Tariff trial for Central region customers has ended.
This does not affect the Stepped Tariff arrangements for Southeast region customers.

Stepped tariff for Southeast region customers

Stepped tariff information

We are currently trialling an alternative measured tariff in the town of Lydd.  Approximately two thirds of customers there are on a stepped tariff designed to promote a reduction in water consumption.

There are two parts to the tariff, an essential use allowance of 80 cubic metres per property each year, (219 litres per day) designed to cover all essential household needs including cooking, washing and laundry requirements.  This is charged at about ¾ of the standard measured tariff.

All water used in excess of the essential use amount is charged for at approximately double the standard measured tariff. Customers with larger families are able to claim an increased volume of water for essential use as are those with special medical needs.

If the trial proves to be successful the Company will seek to introduce a similar form of tariff across it’s entire customer base in 2013.

Seasonal Tariff for Central region customers

Bishop Stortford Seasonal Tariff Trial Project Summary

The Seasonal Tariff Trial has enabled Affinity Water Ltd to be among the first water companies in the country to implement a forward thinking and environmentally sensitive approach to water resource management.

From April 1st 2013 the trial ceased. If you were covered by the scheme, from April 1st you will be charged on the standard metered tariff. There will be no other changes and meters currently in place will remain.

We would like to thank customers for their support during the trial and we will be reporting the results of the trial, on these pages, later in the spring.

We wrote to all customers who fell within the pilot area, both at the start and the close of the scheme. Only properties within postcodes CM23 4 are included.


Future water resources are high on the agenda for Government, regulators and environmental bodies as well as for all water companies. You may wish to look at some recent papers and guidance by using the links below.

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