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Data logging devices

The documents below set out our requirements for the installation of external loggers or similar devices for data retrieval and transmission on our non-household meters and the terms & conditions upon which we will allow Retailer Equipment to be installed. 

Non Household Property Data Logging Policy and Guidance to Retailers 
Retailer Equipment: Terms and Conditions 
Retailer Equipment: Compatible meters menu


Meter Usage Data

  1. Where we have installed loggers to Non-Household meters to enable us to understand night use as part of our leakage calculation for a zone, we will make this information available to the retailer.
  2. There is no obligation for us to maintain the provision of such data if, for any reason, the logger or data transmission facility malfunctions or we decide to remove the logger from service. If the latter, then the information on CMOS will be updated to reflect the change in equipment and the retailer will be notified.
  3. The data can be provided in two ways:
    1. A monthly download by our technician
    2. An account to access the HWM DataGate information system and the Utilities Manager portal. As the logger owner, we can provide the necessary permissions to gain access and make the necessary arrangements. Information on the HWM Utilities Manager portal and the cost for this facility is set out in our Wholesale Tariff.
  4. We will need 10 business days notice for either of the requests above.
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