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Burst water mains and school closure

How to book a free half day educational visit offer.

Burst water mains occasionally result in school closures to ensure public safety is maintained. If a school in the Affinity Water Ltd  wholesale area is forced to close as a result of a burst water main, our Education Service can provide the school with a Free half day educational visit (normally £275 +VAT), as a gesture of goodwill.

Retailers should contact the school(s) that were forced to close as a result of Affinity Water’s burst main and advise them that a free half-day educational visit is available.

Information needed

The school should send the following information directly to the Affinity Water Education Team:

  1. Select a preferred activity, from a variety of curriculum which is detailed on the Affinity Water Education Services website:
  2. Choose the year group/school club (e.g. eco council) they would like the team to work with
  3. Choose some dates for the team to visit the school (offer valid within one year from the date of the burst which caused the school to close, subject to availability)
  4. Contact the Affinity Water Education Team with the code ‘BURST SCHOOL CLOSURE’ along with the name of the school and the date the school was forced to close, via:
    Telephone: 0208 4205864 
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