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Knowledge hub

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Alternative Eligible Credit Support (Schedule 3)

Access Code
Claims for (Pure Economic) loss of business
Condition R compliance code
Environmental and Sustainability Policy
Market Codes
Ofwat eligibility guidance
RWG Good Practice Guidance
Sensitive Customers & Emergency Response Levels
Simplifying Wholesale Charges Consultation

Please visit for access to the relevant guides and their addendums.


RWG Good Practice Guide Adoption Status Notes/Comments Next Update
Leakage Allowance Partial We do not currently allow 30 days to repair as per guidance.
This is currently under review.
April 2021
Data Logging Partial We currently charge for the exchange of a non-loggable meter.
Affinity Water only replace a meter when faulty or the location is hazardous/difficult to access.
This is currently under review.
April 2021
Disconnection for Non-Payment Partial Temporary disconnections are made by closing the outside stop tap.
We prefer this activity is undertaken by an AE and look to make no further amendments to this.
This is in line with our AE addendum located here.
Planned Activities Partial D3 notifications to retailers are not published on web and social media, any notification is emailed.
D3 activities do not have maildrops to customers but we will make contact via telephone or visit when enabling the works (if possible).
Unplanned Events Partial Message formats not yet fully incorporated into process. Due for adoption in April. April 2021
Gap Site Incentive No scheme present. Will be reviewed 2021/22. TBC
Vacant Site Incentive No scheme present. We are beginning our own internal vacant initiatives and currently do not believe
the vacant site incentive is the correct mechanism for this at this time.
Meter Reading Services Full N/A N/A
Return to Sewer Allowance N/A – Water Only N/A N/A


Accredited Entities

Affinity Water Ltd shall provide the Wholesale Services specified in Clause 3.1 of the Wholesale Contract to the Contracting Retailer in accordance with the Operational Terms, the Market Terms and the Business Terms and Part 1 of the Wholesale-Retail Code (Objectives, Principles and Definitions).

The Operational Terms also make provision for Accredited Entities (including the Contracting Retailer) to undertake certain services.

Affinity Water Ltd recognises the Water Industry Accredited Entity Scheme (WIRSAE) and will allow accredited entities under this scheme to carry out the following defined activities on behalf of a Retailer:

  • Temporary Disconnection and Re-Connection Non-Household Premises up to and including 40mm sized supply.
  • Temporary Disconnection and Re-Connection Non-Household Premises over 40mm sized supply.

Code of Practice Scopes and Addendum

Details of the Accredited Entry scheme and how to apply for accreditation are available on the Lloyd's Register website.

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