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How do I become a Retailer in the Affinity Water area?

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After completing the Market Entry Assurance process, run by the Market Operator on behalf of all Wholesalers and Retailers, you should contact our Wholesale Operations Service Desk who will connect you with our Wholesale Commercial Team.

More information about the Market Operator and market entry process is available on the MOSL website.

Useful links: DEFRAOfwat

How can I manage my Retailer account? Can I manage my account online?

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Day to day operational contact is managed by our Wholesale Operations Service Desk . All market designed processes are managed via our Retailer portal (link to portal) Swim- Pool which you automatically receive access to once you have contracted with us. This tool also acts as a jeopardy management tool. Please be aware that should you wish to email us the bi-lateral forms we will accepting these in a word or excel format. We are not able to accept any forms in a .pdf format.

Please provide us with the first name, last name and email address of your default user to enable us to set up your access which we can provide within 48 hours of your request (which will enable you to test).

View our Retailer guidance (PDF 1.7MB) 

If you would like to arrange an account management meeting with us please contact to arrange a suitable date and time.

Settlement and Wholesale Contract

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If you have any questions about settlement or our Wholesale Contract please contact

Wholesale Invoicing

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If you have any queries around invoicing please contact our accounts receivable team at You can also view our invoicing timetable.

How do I receive/apply for a credit?

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Please bear in mind that CMOS will automatically distribute volumetric adjustments, taking into account any transfer reads, and Settlement charges will not be generated for any closed RF periods unless a Settlement Re-Run is requested as per the Market Terms. If you feel you are owed a credit for the closed RF periods, we may be able to raise a credit outside of CMOS. Please contact with your request.

Do you continue to charge for vacant or temporarily disconnected properties?

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Charges will continue to apply in relation to vacant or temporarily disconnected sites. Our Wholesale Tariff Document does not provide for different charging arrangements in relation to such sites and therefore the same charges will apply to these sites as to those which are occupied.

What support is available for Retailers?

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We are striving to provide as much useful information on this website as we can and will continue to add to it as we receive more queries and ideas from our Retailer customers. We also have a dedicated team of Analysts on our Wholesale Operations Service Desk available to support you Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm.

Where can I find information relating to incidents and unplanned events?

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We will continue to publish notifications of unplanned events on our website, providing updates frequently and offering a sign up opportunity so we can update you by text. Search for the latest details in your area.

Guaranteed Standards Scheme (GSS)

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We carry out weekly audits to identify where there has been GSS specific interruptions to supply and inform you by email. Payments are then made within 20 days of that interruption.

We carry out monthly audits to identify where there has been a missed appointment, and again we would inform you by email and follow that up with the relevant GSS payment.

View our GSS document.

Logging Meters

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Read our policy on the logging of our meters, including the terms and conditions surrounding this process.

Meter Reading Service

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If you would like further information on the meter reading service available from our Wholesale team, please contact This service does not form part of the new market and as such is managed separately. A copy of our standard terms and conditions and technical specifications can be found below.

Affinity Water Meter Reading Contract (PDF 783KB)
Affinity Water Meter Reading Contract Technical Specification (PDF 333KB)

How can I obtain a meter reading for a sewerage paired SPID?

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The settlement calculations in the CMO system are designed to derive a sewerage SPID settlement figure from the data held about the paired water SPID. In situations where a retailer is selling sewerage only they can obtain the meter read from the paired water SPID from the MDS market Data Report.

Do you have accredited entity schemes?

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We are not offering an accredited entity scheme during the first year of the new market but will review this decision during that first year of operation.

How do I contact you?

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You can call our team on 0345 350 3677 (Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm), or email us at

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