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Sorry, we have missed our leakage target

A message from our CEO, Pauline Walsh (July 2019)


Dear Customer

I want you to know that we have not met our leakage target this year or last year. I find this unacceptable and apologise wholeheartedly.

It is right that when we underperform we are held to account. We will incur a penalty of £8 million from our regulator, Ofwat, for missing our target. This will be returned to our customers through their bills from next year.

We remain fully committed to meeting our industry-leading leakage target by 2020.

But we need to go further and faster. I want Affinity Water to be leading on leakage, up there with the best in the world, like Singapore.

To do that we are improving our processes, digitising our network and bringing new technology to bear – from drones and acoustic loggers, to artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. We are also looking at the next generation of technology such as fibre optic logging, which will give us much more data to help us find leaks on our network, sometimes deep underground.

My own experience in other sectors has shown that, with the right processes, and with teams who are passionate about delivering for our customers, we can achieve a world-leading performance.

This will take us some time but our ambition is clear.


Yours faithfully

Pauline Walsh

Chief Executive Officer


Report a leak

Keeping us informed about leaks you come across in our supply area, ensures we're able to put them right as soon as possible.

You can report a leak by:

       * completing our online form

       * send us a Tweet using the hashtag #leakspotters

       * or call our leakspotters line 0800 376 5325 (open 24 hrs)


What happens when you report a leak?

When we get your report we’ll start the process needed to get it fixed quickly. Firstly, we’ll send our Customer Service Technician (CST) to investigate. The CST will visit to see what the problem is and assess how urgently it needs to be fixed – in some cases they might be able to do a repair immediately. If it needs a digging team to attend or a road closure, the CST will book this and the repair will be scheduled in based on the CST’s advised timescale. After the repair, we’ll make everything safe but we may need to re-visit to put everything back as it was before the repair e.g. resurfacing the road or re-seeding grass.

For really tricky leaks, we might need to do more investigation to be sure we’re digging in the right spot! Also, if the leak is on a busy road or in a difficult spot, we may have to ask the Local Authority for permission to work and they will tell us when we can attend. This might delay the start of repairs.

Click here to find out about what happens when you report a leak. >>