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Plumbing metal analysis

Undesirable chemical compounds can find their way into water supplies through pollution incidents or even naturally-occurring due to local geology.

For those with private sources, pollution could provide the greatest risk. Chemical leaks from underground assets, such as diesel and petrol tanks, can go unnoticed. Good quality sources can become adversely affected by changes in climatic conditions and ground water levels. All these situations can cause significant damage to the water source and may render it unusable for months or even years.

As research advances so does our knowledge on the chemicals that have the potential to affect health. Chemical monitoring can provide confidence in the quality of water used and demonstrate a responsible approach. We are able to provide an assessment of any areas of risk, perform sampling, advise on the outcome of the results, analyse and identify if chemical pollutants are present and suggest remedial actions.

Newly installed or ageing pipe work can sometimes cause metallic tastes and discoloration due to metal bleeding or corrosion within the pipework. This could be caused by the warming of pipework, long runs and low turn-over.

We test for metals, advise on the outcome of the results and suggest remedial actions.