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How will I be affected?


Below are few of the most common questions we get asked about planned works.  For further information please feel free to ask a question using the 'Got a Question?' search tool on any page of this website.


Frequently asked questions

How long will I be without water?

We always try to minimise any disruption but you could be without water for up to 12 hours in any one day. We will tell you at least 48 hours before your water supply is turned off and will inform you how long you will be without water. We may need to interrupt your water supply on more than one occasion.

How long will it take before my water is drinkable?

Once your water has been restored you may use it as normal. There may be occasions when we advise you to boil water prior to use. We will tell you when you no longer need to boil it. Your water may be cloudy at first because of air in the water system, but this should clear and is totally harmless.

How long will the work take?

We always try to minimise any inconvenience but it really depends on the techniques used.

Why are there so many holes and will this affect access to my property?

It is necessary for us to dig holes, and the number of excavations will depend on the renewal method. We will always try to maintain access to driveways while we work, but we do need to access stop taps.

Will the work affect my plumbing?

When your water supply is turned off, please ensure that:

  • You do not take water from the taps and all taps are turned off.

  • You don’t use washing machines, dishwashers or showers until you are advised that your supply is back on.

  • You don’t drain hot water tanks and cisterns, to avoid airlocks when the supply is restored.

  • If you have a water softener fitted to your water system, bypass the regeneration while your water is turned off.

  • Please consult your softener manual for detailed instructions.


How will the work affect domestic appliances?

Most domestic appliances have an auto shut off valve. However, to be certain do not use your electrical appliances during periods of interruption. Your central heating should not be affected.

Do you restore pavements,grass verges, etc?

Yes, the ground is returned to its original condition as far as possible, but this may not be until all the renewal work has been completed in the local area.

What hours do you work?

Our usual work hours are Monday to Saturday from 7.30am to 5.30pm. However, we may need to work outside these times if necessary - and you will be advised accordingly if it affects your water supply.

Why is there water running down the road??

When we have undertaken work, it is necessary for us to check the standard of the water supply. This can appear like a burst water main as you may see water running down the road. This is a perfectly normal procedure.


How will you replace the water mains?

A number of techniques can be used to replace the water mains. We select the technique which is most appropriate for the local environment and which will minimise the impact of our works on the community.

What happens should my business become affected by your works?

We aim to minimise any disruption and inconvenience when conducting essential works, however should you feel your business has been directly affected, please refer to our policy document on Loss of Business.