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Online remittance advice

Please use this form to tell us about payments you have very recently made or are about to make on your water account.

You can check if we are your water company by entering the postcode of the property, where the water is supplied, in the box below on the left - 'Are we your water provider?'.

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If you are paying by BACS, paying online or by Standing Order, the Bank account details for Affinity Water are: 

Sort code 20-74-09       Account number 80542903

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If your whole payment settles one account only, please enter the customer number in box 1 below and the full amount in box 1(a). You do not need to enter any further information, please go to submit. 

If your total payment is paying more than one account, please list each of the customer account numbers and separate amounts which make up your payment in the boxes below, beginning with box 1 .

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PLEASE NOTE:This is not a receipt.

We will make a note on your account that you are making a payment but your account will not be updated and the balance will remain outstanding until your payment has reached us. 

Please allow up to 10 working days for your information to be processed. If you receive any recovery letters during this time regarding the balance on the account, there is no need to contact us again.

We will send you a copy of this form, for your records, to the email address you have provided.



Data protection: The information you provide may be used by Affinity Water to provide you with water services, give you information about your water supply and manage your account; including the collection and recovery of charges.