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08 January 21

Affinity Water asks: Have you checked your home to see if it is “Winter Ready” for 2021?

  • Save on plumbing bills and “Get Winter Ready” now
  • Lots of handy tips available online
  • Service teams out and about fixing problems with coronavirus safety measures
  • Vulnerable customers can sign up to Priority Services Register

Affinity Water is urging its 3.6 million customers to ensure their homes are “Winter Ready” so as not to experience frozen pipes and bursts during the winter months as the cold January 2021 weather sets in.

Its teams of skilled engineers are still working around the clock to respond to any incidents on the water network caused by cold weather to ensure supplies continue to be maintained and staff are still manning phone lines during the latest Covid 19 lockdown. Households can help too by ensuring their water pipes in lofts and gardens are properly insulated so that they don’t freeze during cold snaps.

Kevin Barton, Head of External Communications said:

“The consequences of frozen pipes can be very damaging and upsetting. Any sudden drop in temperature could cause damage to pipes and property if households aren’t prepared. We are asking our customers to get Winter Ready and prevent bursts and frozen pipes from happening as the cold weather sets in for 2021.

“Simple steps to get your home ready before any big freeze hits could prevent potentially thousands of pounds of property damage.

To prevent burst pipes:

  • Insulate exposed water pipes with felt, pipe wrap or other insulating material and cover any outside pipe or fitting with a waterproof material
  • Make sure your cold-water tank is insulated
  • If you have an outside tap, insulate it too
  • Check where your stop tap is to isolate your water supply and make sure it works
  • Leave central heating on a frost protection setting overnight
  • If you are planning on leaving your home or office unattended for a long period, turn off the water supply.

Kevin added:

“We know how challenging winter can be for vulnerable customers, so we are asking people to check in on their friends and relatives who may be vulnerable to get them to sign up to our Priority Services Register, to ensure they are supported in the event of any supply issues this winter. More information about our Priority Services Register and how to prepare your home for cold weather can be found at

“We are also continuing to support those who have been affected financially by coronavirus. You can find out more about the help we can offer at"

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