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Affinity Water’s #WhyNotWater Campaign gets support from the leading UK Water NGO

13 August 19

Affinity Water’s #WhyNotWater Campaign gets support from the leading UK Water NGO

Jake Rigg standing outside St.Albans Cathedral besides the #WhyNotWater Cold Hard Truth art installation.

Affinity Water’s Director of Communities, Jake Rigg with the ice sculpture ‘A Cold Hard Truth’ that was used to launch the #WhyNotWater campaign outside St Albans cathedral earlier this summer. The melted ice water was given to a local St Albans charity to use on their allotment

Affinity Water’s #WhyNotWater campaign with its call to action for consumers to demand key changes to legislation and policy supported by government and manufacturers is being supported by Waterwise a UK NGO, the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK.

In a new #WhyNotWater podcast series today launched on social media by @AffinityWater Tom Andrewartha the Director of Strategy and Policy for @Waterwise said that the NGO supported all four of the Asks of the campaign:

“I think Water should be part of the Climate Change Debate. Water and energy are inextricably linked and we know that climate change is going to have an impact on our water resources in the UK going forward. The UK water industry does an incredible job, it supplies us with clean water some of the best quality in the world whenever we want it. When we turn on our taps and showers we have it there. We often take it for granted. But the system is under pressure. We know that population growth and the need to protect our environment means that the pressure on our water resources is likely to increase in the future. Water is likely to be one of the key mediums through which we will feel the effect of climate change.”

Mr Andrewartha said Affinity Water’s #WhyNotWater campaign was to be applauded. “The #WhyNotWater Affinity Water manifesto is wonderful. It’s brilliant to get this discussion on a wider basis and all four of the “Asks” tie really nicely with Waterwise’s Water Efficiency Strategy and its 65 brilliant actions across several key themes. Mandatory water labelling of White goods is a fantastic opportunity to help us all use water wisely in our homes. We get energy labels for TVs and Freezers and our White goods and that’s important. When we are buying bathroom replacements and new taps and showers it’s really important that we understand how much water they use. A mandatory water label is a really great option going forward so that it encourages manufacturers to produce and to sell more water efficient goods but it also becomes part of our purchasing decisions for our homes. We think it is wonderful. It is probably one of the most cost effective options that can be brought in to help us meet these longer term personal consumption targets. It also ties in with the water fittings and building regulations so at Waterwise we are really supportive of this manifesto, we think it’s great and the four #WhyNotWater “Asks” absolutely resonate with what we want to achieve going forward."

In the podcast Mr Andrewartha also comments on other topical issues facing the water companies today including ownership models and leakage targets and ends by discussing the need for all homes to save water and install water meters.

Jake Rigg, the Director of Corporate Affairs and Communities for Affinity Water said public education through its newly launched #WhyNotWater campaign was now at the forefront of how water companies in the UK would be countering the challenges that global warming and climate change would present. He thanked Waterwise for its support.

“It’s great to have Waterwise supporting our #WhyNotWater campaign so enthusiastically. Despite the recent wet weather, water resources are under pressure following nearly three years of below average rainfall. #WhyNotWater is about tackling the long-term challenges we face to reduce demand and ensure a sustainable future. This is the first of a number of podcasts we will be recording with leading advocates in the water industry. All we are asking for is a common-sense approach to water. We must ensure that the public realises that the UK will run short of water in the coming decades unless every one of us does more to cut our domestic water usage. The issues that climate change and global warming present throughout the world are now so pressing we must all rise to this challenge and be eco water warriors. Affinity Water’s #WhyNotWater campaign and its four important calls to action will be raising public awareness of how much water we use in our homes and how important it is to think of ways to reduce this by our everyday habits and actions. We want government and manufacturers to support us. I hope our customers will join me in saying “Yes we can” to meet the challenge we all face.”

The Affinity Water #WhyNotWater Asks are:

  1. Mandatory water efficiency labelling on all goods.
  2. Rights for tenants to request that their landlords install water-saving measures so that they are able to enjoy water-efficient homes.
  3. Domestic water efficiency by ensuring fixtures and fittings meet standard requirements through mandatory certification.
  4. Every Local Plan in a severely water-stressed area should include the target of 110 litres per person per day.

To have a listen to the #WhyNotWater podcast with Tom Andrewartha from Waterwise, please visit

To find out more and to sign the petition to demand the legislation needed for mandatory water-efficient labelling and the right to water-efficient homes, please visit

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