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07 March 16

Water Saving Week

World Water Day – what a difference you could make!

Tuesday 22 March is World Water Day 2016.

The average person in the UK uses approximately 150 litres of water per day, compared to 10 litres in some developing nations. However, the UK has less available water per person than many other European countries. People in the Southeast of England also use more than the national average in a region that the government has designated as being under serious water stress.

We can all make small changes that could make a huge impact, for example, turning the tap off while brushing teeth. If everyone in the UK turned off the tap while brushing their teeth, then together we could save 224 billion litres of water per year. That’s enough to supply 2 million homes with water for a year.

How can students at your school help reduce water consumption?

To promote water saving in your school, why not try our dripping tap experiment? This activity links well with Mathematics, Science, D&T and Citizenship and can be adapted for students in KS1 to KS5.


Place a 500ml measuring jug under a dripping tap and record how much water is collected in five minutes. With this information, students will need to think about:

  • The volume of water wasted in a minute, hour, school day, whole day, week, month and year
  • The water wasted if every tap in the school was dripping?
  • The volume of water wasted in a year converted in to full bath tubs (approx. 150 litres) or a 25 metre swimming pool (approx. 1,250,000 litres)?
  • Design and implement a water saving campaign to convince other students (and adults / parents) in the school to turn off dripping taps. How could they persuade others to make a change? Which methods of communication will they use?
  • How does a tap actually work? What is failing in a leaky tap and why? Which parts need replacing to fix a leaky tap?
  • How does the amount of water wasted from a dripping tap compare to (a) the average amount of water used per person in the UK (150 litres / day)? (b) the average amount of water used per person in other parts of the world?
  • Students could also compare a dripping tap, a tap that is on half flow and a tap on full flow - although we recommend that they use a bucket for this and only turn the tap on half or full flow for 30 seconds!
  • As part of World Water Day, WaterAid are asking people to go #Blue4Water and encourage you to “Dress in blue, paint yourself blue, decorate your school or office blue, bake blue cakes, drink blue drinks, play the blues or even sing the blues!”

For more background information on water and saving water, please visit, and

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