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26 September 19

Demand for FREE water saving devices skyrocket following drought warning

  • Affinity Water see’s 5,000%* surge in demand for water saving devices in just 12 hours following drought warning
  • Sustained above average rainfall needed this autumn and winter following 3 years of low rainfall


Demand for FREE water saving devices offered by Affinity Water skyrocketed this week by 5,000% in just 12 hours following the company’s warning that its central region** is in drought.

Many have been surprised by the drought warning due to the wet weather this week, however the water company stated that a good week of wet weather is not enough to make up for nearly three years of below average rainfall.

In response, consumers have flocked to to order their free water saving devices and to get big discounts on water butts to make the most of the recent rainfall.

The company states that its central region needs sustained above average rainfall for this autumn and winter for groundwater levels to recover, otherwise water restrictions (such as hosepipe bans) may need to be introduced in spring 2020.

Affinity Water’s Director of Communications, Jake Rigg said: “We would like to thank customers for really getting behind us to help save water. It shows great community spirit and will help us leave more water in the environment.

“We are doing our bit too by investing in our networks to replace water mains, finding more leaks by using data and the latest tech and have increased our team of engineers to fix leaks as fast as possible.”

“Across our central region we use on average 158 litres of water each per day, whilst the national average is 141 litres. The difference is roughly the equivalent of one bucket of water, or about a minute off your shower time. If everyone saved a bucket of water a day, it would make a real difference.”


FREE water saving devices include:

  • Flowpoint Shower Head – saves over 10,000 litres a year (not suitable for electric, digital or power showers)
  • Shower Regulators can be used with your existing shower head – saving over 10,000 litres a year (not suitable for electric, digital or power showers)
  • ‘Save a Flush’ - can save 1.2 litres per flush, saving up to 5,000 litres a year. This is simply placed into the cistern on any lever handled toilets
  • Challenge yourself and the kids with Shower and Toothy timers and save up to 6,000 litres a year.
  • Install a Tap Insert and save over 13,000 litres a year.


To order a free water saving device or discounted water butt – visit ***

*Affinity Water had over 3,000 orders for water saving devices in just 12 hours following its drought announcement this week

** Affinity Water’s central region, where drought conditions are in place, include Hertfordshire, West Essex and parts of Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and North London.

***Available to Affinity Water customers only. Other consumers should check with their water supplier for offers. Savings are estimated and may vary depending on the number of people in a household.

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