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11 February 21

Victorian architecture helps to bring high quality water to our customer's homes

Today, we have released a video showing just how civil engineers planned and built a beautiful underground storage reservoir dating back to the Victorian era to ensure water is maintained to the highest standards before it is pumped out into Kent homes. The video was made this year while the Reservoir was being inspected and routinely repaired, and it will be returned to full service as soon as this work is complete.

You can watch the video below:

Kevin Barton Head of External Communications said: “This Reservoir is a Victorian structure and the architecture is stunning.

Who would have thought that deep below the ground our water is being stored inside this network of beautiful towering arch structures? The Victorians really did build things to stand the test of time and we are proud that our teams of engineers can continue to look after and maintain this structure, which carries significant historical heritage.

It really is a magnificent example of Victorian architecture at its very best and we wanted others to be able to see for themselves how wonderful it is.

It is one of 59 inspections, cleans, and repairs that have been carried out by our Affinity Water Capital Production Maintenance teams over the past year. In the next five years, Affinity Water will be increasing its reservoir inspections to allow engineers to identify any repair work that might need to be done. This process allows us to continue to deliver our essential public service and maintain a reliable, high-quality supply of water to millions of customers across southeast England.”

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