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Affinity Water works teams wear coronavirus safe headgear to continue the construction works to the Wembley Trunk Main Reinforcement Project

20 May 20

Affinity Water works teams wear coronavirus safe headgear to continue the construction works to the Wembley Trunk Main Reinforcement Project

Affinity Water contractors, working to improve the water network in Wembley and keep the taps running for many years to come, have been kitted out with special protection gear to ensure they can continue to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

The essential works reinforcement programme which began in November 2019, and continued throughout Storm Dennis in February 2020, has required considerable adaptations including implementing the new coronavirus guidelines to keep workers safe.

Affinity Water sub-contractors J Browne Construction recently provided workers on site with special head protection gear and an effective facial visor.

Kevin Barton, Head of External Communication for Affinity Water said: “The Wembley Trunk Main Reinforcement Programme represents a significant investment for Affinity Water and involves us in partnerships working with our contractors and the local council. It is vitally important for us to improve and secure waters supplies in the rapidly growing Borough of Brent for now and the years ahead. Brent Borough Council recently wrote to thank Affinity Water for the way in which we adapted and completed a section of the work on busy roads when Storm Dennis hit with no disruption and on time, which required those on site to work extended hours.

“The coronavirus represents new challenges for us all on what is an already challenging project involving busy roads. We want to thank our delivery partners J Browne Construction for being agile and adapting to the safety requirements the new pandemic poses and for issuing their workforce with new head gear and visas. They really do deserve a shout out from us all.”

The works, involving 1,200 meters of pipework, are expected to be completed by the beginning of July 2020, two months ahead of schedule.

The project will enable supply standards to be maintained and provide adequate resilience in response to the anticipated increase in demand as a result of the future development programme within the Harrow HDZ (Hydraulic Demand Zone) in particular the Wembley WSZ (Wembley Supply Zone).

This £4m Investment Programme has been designed to mitigate those potential risks of supply and pressure loss, to both our much valued commercial and non-commercial customers in Wembley.

NB: The photograph shows a J Browne Construction worker wearing protective coronavirus safe headgear.

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