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03 June 20

Orders for water saving devices surge by over 40% as more people help to save water and ease demand

  • Orders for Affinity Water’s FREE Water Saving devices surge by 40%
  • Affinity Water thanks ‘Water Hero’ customers for saving water and urges others to join in
  • Demand for water easing slightly, but still a bit to go to come down to normal levels

Orders for water saving devices have surged by over 40% as more people play a part in helping to save water to help ease record levels of demand for water.

Local water supplier, Affinity Water is thanking customers for becoming Water Heroes and helping to play a part whilst Affinity Water engineers work around the clock to treat and pump more water into the network.

Recent Met Office data shows that May 2020 was the sunniest and driest calendar month on record in the UK. Combined with more people at home, water companies across the country have also seen record levels in the demand for water.

Kevin Barton, Head of External Communications at Affinity Water said: “Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to customers who have become Water Heroes by using only what they need and going one step further by ordering FREE water saving devices available on our website. This is helping to ease demand slightly and it is making a difference.

“The demand for water we have seen over the last few weeks is unprecedented for this time of year in our 130-year history as a water provider.

“Our treatment plants are working beyond maximum capacity to treat and pump more water into the network to help meet the demand and we are bringing in water from other areas.

“There is still a bit to go until we are out of the woods, so we are urging people to join with their Water Hero neighbours, family and friends to use water for essential use only and claim their FREE water saving devices at”

Water saving tips and facts

Don’t worry about the lawn going brown – it will soon recover as soon as we get the next round of good rainfall.
You can save water by taking shorter showers instead of baths, or turning your tap off while brushing your teeth.
A sprinkler or hose can use up to 1,000 litres of drinking water in just one hour – that’s more than a family of four would use in a whole day.
A 10ft x 2ft inflatable pool can use up to 3,600 litres of water on average – the same as a family of four uses in about 3 ½ days.
Install a water butt to collect rain during spells of wet weather and use it to water the garden

FREE water saving devices include:

  • Water saving shower heads
  • Plant sticks – a device which tells you exactly how much water your plant needs
  • Dry weather resistant plant seeds
  • A Save a Flush device can save 1.2 litres per flush, saving up to 5,000 litres a year. This is simply placed into the cistern on any lever handled toilets
  • Swell gel packs – help plants to retain more moisture, reducing the amount you need to water the plant.

For more water saving tips and free devices visit

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