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Spill a penny, spend a pound

07 August 18

‘Spill a penny, spend a pound’ raises over £360 for WaterAid

Affinity Water’s Education Team has raised over £360 for WaterAid as part of their ‘Spill a penny, spend a pound’ initiative.

The initiative is a driving force to help raise awareness of global water issues to visitors of Affinity Water’s Education Centre in Bushey Heath.

All visitors were invited to make voluntary contributions to WaterAid into the Education Team’s giant water bottle. Students who visit the centre take part in hands on activities to learn about access to water and how this varies across the globe. They also imagine what it would be like to only have 10 litres of water per day, compared to the average use of 160 litres per day in the Southeast of England.

Affinity Water has supported WaterAid’s vision to transform lives by improving access to safe water, taps and toilets in some of the world’s poorest communities since 1981.

The ‘spill a penny, spend a pound’ initiative has helped centre visitors grasp how much water is used in the UK compared to other parts of the world, and raised awareness about the inequalities that exist with access to safe drinking water on a global scale.

Leah Heck, Water Industry Partnerships Officer at WaterAid said: “It’s fantastic to see young people engaging with global water issues. 1 in 10 children don’t have access to clean water around the world and the ‘Spill a penny, spend a pound’ initiative is helping change this.”

Hannah Battram, Education Services Manager said: “Water is a precious and finite natural resource and it is vital that we all work together both locally and globally to help manage and protect it. I’m delighted that so many schools were excited to take part in this initiative. Helping young people understand water as a global resource, helps provide a much better understanding of water as a local resource and how everyone can work together to use it wisely.”

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