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Save 10 A Day

15 October 20

St Albans residents get behind Affinity Water’s new campaign – ‘Save 10 a day'

Child doing a thumbs up with the save 10 a day logo in chalk, on the pavement

Affinity Water’s new challenge to St Albans and District residents to save 10 litres of water a day is proving popular with over 1,000 people signed up in just one week to the website.

St Albans District uses more water than almost anywhere else in the UK, but in new campaign being launched this week by Affinity Water, its customers are being asked to visit to find easy ways they can ‘save 10 a day’ and to leave 1 million extra litres of water in the environment.

Local chalk drawing artist Zoe has already been busy in Harpenden and Verulamium Park drawing the River Ver and its vicinity as our pictures show. The local MP, a local councillor and a Mums group leader have all given their support to the campaign too.

Daisy Cooper the MP for St Albans said: ”Residents in St Albans often ask me what more they can do to tackle the climate crisis so I’m really pleased to support this ‘save 10 a day’ campaign as a practical step that every household can take.

“The River Ver and Colne are two of only 200 precious chalk streams in the world.

Yet they are under threat from climate change, and the high levels of local water usage.

“Now we can all do our bit to help protect this valuable asset for future generations by reducing our water consumption. I will be doing my bit both in parliament and at home to return our precious rivers to their former glory.”

Over the next two months Zoe’s artwork will appear all over the district, each one featuring a different mammal, bird, insect or fish living around our rare chalk stream, the Ver. Affinity Water will be posting them all on .

Save 10 A Day chalk artwork on the high street in Harpenden

Best of all, share your photos of the chalk trail with #save10aday and Affinity Water will add another £1 to its charity fund for every post and six charities of your choosing can say where it goes.

Jake Rigg, Director of Corporate Affairs and Communities for Affinity Water said: “There’s real momentum behind this #save10aday campaign already. We’ve made it really easy. All you need to do is sign up at for your free water-saving kit. Simply install it and you’ll be saving water, protecting the River Ver and reducing local carbon emissions.

“In the St Albans District we use more water than almost anywhere else in the country. Each person uses about 150 litres a day, 10 litres more than the UK average – and that’s exactly what we’re asking you to save. We don’t know exactly why St Albans use is high but we’re determined to work with our customers to reduce it. If every household joins in and installs a kit, together we’ll save a huge 1 million litres a day!”

Councillor Chris White, Leader and Portfolio Holder for Climate, Environment and Transport for St Albans City and District Council, said: “I’m surprised that the District’s water consumption is above the national average, given the huge support there is here for environmental action. This is an important campaign that gives our residents the chance to do something about it and I’m sure they will commit to it. I will be signing up to it to get my free water saving kit with the aim of saving 10 litres of water a day and I urge everyone else to do so.”

Chalk artist Zoe said: “My business started during lockdown with the aim of bringing joy and community spirit in a time of need, so it feels great to be able to do something not only to bring the community together once again but to also help the local environment at the same time.”

Karen Snook, who runs St Albans Mums is one of 100 people to already sign up to the campaign. She said: “I’m so excited about this campaign, it’s perfectly in line with our community ethos. We’ve signed up to - it was so easy my 14 year old did it for us. It’s so interesting looking at where in our home we use the most water and how we compare to the national average. I’ve ordered our water saving kit and my kids have pledged to turn off the tap when they brush their teeth and be quicker in the shower. They really love that by saving water they’re raising money for local charities and their school.”

10 litres of water equates to roughly 2 mins of the tap on full. Here are some useful tips to save water:

  • Fill the kettle with just enough water
  • Use only the small dual-flush button
  • Fill dishwashers and washing machines before using
  • Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth
  • Turn off the tap while you soap your hands for 20 seconds

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