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A day in the life of Rachel

03 March 21

A day in the life of Rachel

Boots on ready to go

When I get up every morning, I check my phone for any urgent messages or actions that might be for the day ahead, shower and go through a normal ritual of hair makeup etc. I am a woman and like to look respectable for work. I do not have the luxury of choosing what I am going to wear for work as I have my dickie trousers, polo shirt, sweatshirt and jackets with the Affinity Water logos on. Once the boots are on I then leave home and make my way to my van – all ready for the day ahead as each day is different, some challenging and others not so.

Learning the ropes in a new role

I have worked at AW for 7 years.

I started in the developing services call centre and worked my way up to becoming an assistant project manager which I was for almost 5 years. I then took the opportunity to broaden my skills and knowledge with this new position in CTS.

There is not such thing as typical day for a CST as no two days are the same, some of the duties I carry out are attending customer appointments, investigating leaks, assisting on mains burst which could involve shutting down the main and recharging it. Some of the appointments I have attended recently were for locating a boundary stop tap, also I have completed a pressure and flow test for a customer who thought they had low pressure.

While dealing with customers is one of the main duties of a CST, it is also being a Steward of the water mains network. We need to maintain the network to provide the very best quality of water to our customer.

With everything that happened last year with Covid-19 I was not able to start my new role in CTS until June 2020. You begin by shadowing a colleague and that way learn the ropes, but every day is different, and it can take a little longer than expected to get across all the job role. I enjoy meeting people and helping with problems. I find it satisfying making things better for the customer.

Exploring the challenges by Zoom meetings

As every day is different it is nice to sometimes meet up with my colleagues to collect breakfast from a local outlet, or just meeting them via zoom etc. This way we can go through.

the challenges we have encountered or certain job procedures – we are a good team and very supportive of each other. I am a woman in what was once regarded as a man’s job and, I am very much part of the team. We do help each other out when we can.

A working lunch

If the team are working on something that needs to be monitored it means that you do not always have time for lunch until you have finished that job. So I often take lunch on the go which will be a sandwich from the supermarket or a burger from burger king if I fancy a cheat day.

A puppy greets me at the door

Once the day’s work is over, I get home any time from 4pm to 4.30pm usually and as my parents are working, I am greeted by our dogs – one being a puppy of 9 months. Normally I end up clearing up the mess he has created in the kitchen whether it be a chewed carpet tile or something brought in from the garden but generally they just want me to make a fuss of them and give them a treat or two! I am then able to have a nice long soak in the bath or just lounge Infront of the TV and watch something to unwind.

Relaxing during Covid-19 but no Jiu Jitsu or travel

At the end of a trying day, it is nice to get home and into my comfy clothes to relax with my family or to talk to friends. Covid-19 has stopped me meeting friends and doing my hobbies, also I have not been able to see my niece and nephew but that is something to look forward to once lockdown is lifted.

I am unable to train for my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, something that I have been doing since 2013. I like to travel to different places and train with different gyms/instructors to learn new techniques. Once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted I look forward to taking up these challenges again.

I have a keen interest in the history of the monarchy, so I like to read about different royal family members which I can do in the evenings. At the moment I am currently reading about the life of Queen Anne.

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