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08 July 21

Performance year 2020/21

Leakage is really important to us. We’ve completed thousands of repairs in the last year and reduced leakage by nearly ten million litres. And while that is the lowest level of leakage that we have ever achieved, as a company, it is not as much as we had planned to deliver this year. We have fallen short of our year-end target – and we are bitterly disappointed.

We take this metric very seriously, not least because we know it matters to you our customers and we know we’ve let you down. Leakage is one of our key targets that we report out to the whole business every month and we have linked every employee’s compensation to it. So failing this target both our pride but our pockets.

So we have regrouped, we have reviewed in detail our performance from last year and learned from what went well and what did not deliver the results we expected.

We have set up a new internal taskforce to spearhead the use of cutting edge technology and data science to ensure that we capture and save more of our water from leaks and meet our targets this regulatory period (2020-2025). We are determined to follow up our success from the 2015-2020 period in having the largest reductions in leakage of all UK companies. That was a 15% reduction in leakage and we have committed to doing even more over the next 5 years – 20%.

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