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Affinity Water appoints new Chair of independent   Customer Challenge Group

20 January 20

Affinity Water appoints new Chair of independent Customer Challenge Group

Lord Deben

Affinity Water has announced the appointment of the new Chair of its independent Customer Challenge Group (CCG).

Caroline Warner, has been part of Affinity Water’s Customer Challenge Group since 2016 and will take over from Teresa Perchard from April 2020.

Affinity Water’s independent Customer Challenge Group was set up in 2014 to provide advice and to challenge and support the development of Affinity Water plans to ensure they reflect the priorities of customers.

The membership includes regulators and representatives of household, commercial and special interest groups.

Caroline has led a distinguished career with top international companies such as L’Oreal and LVMH as a Brand Director passionate about consumer engagement. In recent years, Caroline has redirected her energies towards public service as a School Governor, Academy Board Member and Local Councillor as well as Chair and Non-Executive Director positions in the NHS and utilities sector.

Affinity Water’s Director of Corporate Affairs Jake Rigg commented: “We would like to thank the outgoing Chair of our Customer Challenge Group, Teresa Perchard who has led the Group for the past four years, The Group has challenged us to get it right for customers and make sure our next business plan will deliver what customers want.

“We also look forward to working closely with our new CCG Chair, Caroline Warner who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in advocating for consumers and representing water customers. Caroline will be instrumental in challenging and scrutinising our plans to ensure we continually improve the services we provide to customers.”

Caroline Warner said: "I am delighted to be appointed as the new Chair for Affinity Water’s Customer Challenge Group. The next five years will present big challenges for all water companies as they seek to balance affordable bills for customers with ambitious projects that will enable them to continue to improve customer service, maintain high quality drinking water and protect future water supplies. I am looking forward to working with colleagues and customers at Affinity Water to ensure that the company strikes the best balance.” 

Teresa Perchard commented: “I am really delighted that Caroline has been appointed to lead the Group. Her considerable knowledge of the company, it’s future plans and the challenges it faces mean she will hit the ground running from the start of the next phase in Affinity Water’s development.”

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