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29 March 21

Affinity Water rises to the challenge Covid-19 presents and helps customers to save water

Affinity Water has announced it will meet its Universal Metering target on Monday the 29th March 2021 by installing 25,000 new meters in this financial year despite three National lockdowns and working to new safety guidelines in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is part of a plan to reduce water wastage by 130 million litres a day by 2025.

Affinity Water’s CEO Pauline Walsh, and its Director of Customer Operations Joe Brownless will be celebrating this significant milestone talking to its newest customers with its delivery partner utility and infrastructure supplier Network Plus joint-CEO Dan Holland and his management team.

Joe Brownless said: “I am delighted to announce that Affinity Water is now on track to achieve our full year delivery programme of installing 25,000 new water meters by 29th March 2021. At the start of the financial year in March 2020 the delivery of our metering programme was threatened by the Covid-19 pandemic and we had to appoint a new delivery partner Network Plus on a six-month contract. We’ve effectively done 12 months’ work in 6 months and we’ve installed more Universal Meters under our compulsory metering programme in this timeframe than ever before. It’s important that we meet these targets to ensure our customers know how much water they are consuming and value the water they use. The team at Affinity Water and Network Plus have shown considerable determination to collaborate and to get on with the work in the face of a pandemic and working to new Covid-19 safety guidelines. I want to thank them all. This is a significant achievement for Affinity Water and Network Plus.The roll out of the Metering Programme together with practical help and advice to our customers to save water, will help Affinity Water to meet its per capita consumption targets set by the Regulator Ofwat. Affinity Water is committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability of our water resources and to help protect the environment, our rivers and our streams, which we know is what our customers tell us they want us to do.”

Dan Holland said: “The Network Plus and Affinity water teams have worked well together in the face of a global pandemic to install 25,000 meters in just six months. We all rose to the challenge and it has been a very successful collaboration. Over the next four years we will be working with Affinity Water to install up to 200,000 meters in designated areas of the Affinity Water central region. Affinity Water’s metering programme aims to achieve ninety-per cent penetration by 2045. We know the Affinity Water covers a water stressed area impacted by climate change, increases in population, and demand for new homes. It is therefore vitally important that consumers understand how much water they are using so that they can reduce demand and metering helps them to do that. Affinity Water’s Universal Metering Programme has a target to install approx. 200,00 meters over the next five years in AMP 7 (2020-2025) .

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