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Luton primary school celebrates international  biodiversity day with local water company

24 May 19

Luton primary school celebrates international biodiversity day with local water company

Children at Wenlock Junior School taking part in Biodiversity day

Year five pupils from Wenlock C of E Junior School in Luton swapped the classroom for the outdoors on Wednesday 22 May, to see first-hand how water gets from source to tap.

They visited Affinity Water’s Education Centre in Bushey Heath, where they went ‘behind the scenes’ to find out how water gets cleaned in the local water treatment facility, learnt how rivers work using the centre’s interactive river model and found out how people have an impact on local water supplies.

Their visit coincided with International Biodiversity Day on 22 May 2019 which, this year aims to highlight how biodiversity impacts the nation’s food and health.

The pupils learnt why this is particularly important for the wildlife that lives in rivers and how it can affect the amount of water that is available in the environment. They also found out how pollution makes its way into rivers and groundwater and how everyone can take simple actions to reduce this. For example, litter that is not disposed of properly can end up in storm drains that lead directly back into the rivers - so putting litter in the correct bins helps reduce this problem and protect the local environment and wildlife.

The Wenlock pupils were surprised to learn that the South East of England receives less rainfall than other parts of the country but contains more people who use more than the national daily average – 152 litres per person per day, compared to the national average of 141 litres per person per day.

Hannah Battram, Education Services Manager at Affinity Water said: “We are passionate about educating future generations on where their water comes from and how people, plants and wildlife are all reliant on such a precious, natural resource. It was great to celebrate International Biodiversity Day with Wenlock C of E Junior School!”

The pupils pledged to take action to help look after their environment and their water supplies. Elsie, aged 9 said: “I promise to care for my river catchment by not littering” and Ruby, aged 10 said “I promise to save water by turning the tap off when I’m brushing my teeth.”

Miss Carly Oliver, Year 5 teacher said: “It was a fun and engaging way to learn about rivers and pollution! The children enjoyed getting hands on experience of the river system. I would definitely recommend this to other schools!”

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