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17 February 21

We're loaning out laptops to help employees’ children to learn from home during Covid.

Allen children doing school work on the laptops

We have been helping busy parents and their children learn from home during the current Covid19 lockdown by loaning out spare laptops to families across the region.

The scheme has been a success with Affinity Water employees and their families thanking the team who organised for the 50 spare laptops to be loaned out to staff. All were struggling with school work on their mobile devices before being able to use their loaned laptops.

One mother and daughter duo have talked of their “gratitude” while another grandfather has helped his granddaughter catch up with her lessons and talk to her classmates again. One mother and son and one father and son team have spoken of how the laptops have allowed them to catch up with their classmates. A father of four has been overjoyed by being able to borrow four laptops, one for each child.

Those quoted here live in Hatfield, Brackley, Woking, Hemel Hempstead and Staines-upon-Thames.


Michelle and Olivia

Michelle who lives in Hatfield said: “I am truly very grateful for the loan laptop. It has helped Olivia so much in her learning. She has been able to become more independent, which means so much to me.

“Olivia was originally only able to do her Zoom classes on a phone and her work on paper. Having the laptop has now enabled her to join her Zoom calls on a bigger screen, she can receive her work via PowerPoint and complete her schoolwork using Word and lastly submit via the laptop. So overall it has been a huge help.”

Olivia, Year 5 said: “I am very lucky to be able to borrow a laptop from my mummy’s work, I can do all my schoolwork properly now. Thank you so much I am very grateful.”


Mark and Millie

Mark who lives in Brackley said: “Millie my Granddaughter received her laptop mid-January after I had heard my daughter struggling with her home learning on a phone. Millie had missed some of her lessons as she was sharing a phone with her brother.

“When I saw the email saying that we had 50 computers to help children who were struggling I put in for one straight away the process was simple and efficient, I also thought what a great thing Affinity Water was doing to help their staff.

“A big stress was lifted off my daughter’s shoulders and if my daughter’s happy then that makes me happy. Millie can now see her work clearly; she can meet up online with school friends and can now take part in live online lessons her favourite being Art.”

Millie, Year 3 said: “This has helped make my learning easier, I feel more part of the class again and I do not miss any lessons now. I also can speak to and see my friends which is the best. Thank you so much Affinity Water.”


Geoff and Callum

Geoff who lives in Woking said: “We were in the middle of purchasing a new laptop for Callum when we went into national lockdown. The loan of the laptop has enabled Callum to have full access to his online learning, this is enhancing his education from home. As we don’t know how long the shops will be closed, we can now relax until we can go and select a new laptop together.”

Callum, Year 10 said: “It’s really great to have a laptop that is fast and allows me to have uninterrupted access to the online interactive lessons for all of my subjects.”


Billi and Ronnie

Billi who lives in Hemel Hempstead said: “It’s been amazing receiving the laptop as Ronnie was unable to access all his work on his tablet and was missing a lot of work.”

Ronnie, Year 8 said: “It has really helped me with accessing all my work and made it easy for me to join in my live lessons and speak to my teachers every day.

“Before having the laptop, I missed out a lot of work, but I have now been able to catch up.”


Allen and Alex, Megan, Evie, Rachel

Allen who lives in Staines-upon-Thames said: “My four children were using mobile phones to do their schoolwork until Affinity Water sent out the email saying they had laptops to loan out. The difference this has made to Alex, Megan, Evie and Rachel. I got home from work yesterday and they were all tapping away catching up with all the missed work, so a big thankyou to our great company.

“It means a lot to us as a family as now we know that they can get on with their studies properly and not have to use the mobile phones every day. It has helped tremendously with their studies”.

Alex, Year 11 said: “Thank you for lending us these laptops, they work really well also, being a touch screen is very handy.”

Megan, Year 10 said: “Thank you Affinity Water for letting us loan the laptops. We were in such desperate need of having something to work on other than our phones, so this has helped loads.”

Evie, Year 10 said: “Thank you Affinity Water for everything, I was really worried about my education then you guys helped us with the loan of laptops, so thank you very much!! you are our life savers.”

Rachel, Year 8 said: “Being the youngest out of us all, I really rely on the others to help me, so when dad came home and said that Affinity Water was lending us some laptops, I was so happy, Thank you Affinity Water.”

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