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Keeping the network safe in Dover

06 November 19

Keeping the network safe in Dover

The Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR) development, one of the largest developments ever made by a UK Port and the single biggest investment undertaken by the Port of Dover, is transforming the waterfront in Dover. The construction consists of two new deep-water berths, land reclamation and supporting hinterland, a 9,640sqm refrigerated cargo terminal, new 250 berth marina and marina curve to attract a host of restaurants, cafes and bars. The site is being developed to enable increased cargo capacity and supplement the already busy cruise terminal, while enhancing the public realm and waterfront experience.

Workmen standing on Dover Docks

So, what’s this got to do with Affinity Water you might think?

A lot when it is our network supplying the water to the site – it’s our duty to enforce the Water Fittings Regulations to make sure our networks and the public stay safe from contamination of the supply.

Numerous hydrants will be available on the dockside, and hose union taps on the marina pontoon, for the cruise ships and visiting yachts and boats to fill up with drinking water. It’s essential the hydrants comply with water fittings regulations to prevent backflow into our network. We don’t want sea water contaminating our water supply.

Since 2017, Network Regulations Team Leader Mark Fenning, Assistant Project Manager Claire Joblin and Network Technician James Cross have been working closely with the Port of Dover and designer Bryan Jamieson to ensure the design for the DWDR development was up to specification and posed no risk to the water supply.

Mark said: “Sea water is a Category 5 risk – potentially posing a serious health hazard – so backflow prevention must be installed to protect the public water networks. As no mechanical device, like a double check valve, can be used on a Cat 5 risk, we advised the DWDR project team to install an air break between our network and the hydrants, and the taps on the pontoons for the small boats. The designer incorporated our requests into the development of the system.

“The DWDR team installed two large break tanks (one for drinking water and the second for firefighting). The tanks are fitted with AB air gaps – which prevent the contamination of sea water. The marina tanks are much smaller but work off same principle.”

Stage 1 and 2 of the project are now complete and the break tanks are supplying wholesome water to the cruise and cargo ships. The marina will be completed in the next stage of the development towards the latter part of 2020.

Head of Water Quality Fiona Waller said: “It’s fantastic to have been involved in such a huge project from the outset. The diligent work Mark, Claire and James have undertaken means that we can be sure the water we are supplying to the Port is safe for use.”

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