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05 May 20

Affinity Water employees working hard to help customers and keep taps running in Coronavirus lockdown


Employees of Affinity Water having been telling of how they and their teams are making a difference to customers during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Teams right across Affinity Water’s distribution area, the majority of whom live locally in the seven counties across the South East that Affinity Water supplies, have been rising to the challenges faced by the lockdown and are working hard to ensure the taps keep flowing for their community and to support customers affected financially by the lockdown.

Affinity Water has been sharing day by day accounts of its own heroes and heroines amongst its employees, with 800 office-based staff successfully working from home.

Some of the team mentions include call centre staff who are providing information to customer’s on payment breaks if they are in financial hardship as a result of the Coronavirus; the Scientific Management Services Team who continue to work in the field and in the laboratory on a daily basis to ensure water remains of the highest quality; and the leakage teams who have relentlessly been finding and fixing leaks and responding to customers concerns while working in difficult circumstances observing social distancing.

Pauline Walsh, CEO of Affinity Water has thanked them personally: “It’s easy to forget while many of our colleagues are working from home, we still have teams working out in the field, so this is a shout out to all of them. The Scientific Services staff continue to work on site and test the quality of our water. Our leakage reduction teams have worked relentlessly to ensure they find and fix leaks and have shown us what a great team effort can deliver for our customers. Our customer teams are taking a lot more calls than normal, but they are taking time to speak to our customers who are requesting payment breaks sensitively, under the special measures we’ve put in place as a result of the Coronavirus. Affinity Water employees as key workers are showing they care for our customers and each other during this difficult time. My thanks go out to all of them.”

Here are examples of what the teams have been doing:

Help for customers: Affinity Water customers teams, working from home, are helping customers who have been impacted financially from the Coronavirus pandemic. One team member in Folkestone commented: “I have been helping our customers with their applications for our reduced tariffs and payment breaks where so many have been applying for universal credit. A lot of our customers are happy that we can help them with so much uncertainty. As a team, we have weekly check ins so everyone can have a chat to see how we are all doing to keep our spirits up whilst we are all on lockdown and make sure we are doing our utmost to help customers during this difficult times.” Customers who have been affected financially by the lockdown are urged to visit to get support.

Maintaining high quality water: The Scientific Services and Water Quality teams are working together to identify and reschedule ‘zone’ work at fixed site facilities or in sampler houses with samplers carrying out the work in their own property to avoid having to enter customer properties. All deliveries and collections are left outside to minimise social interaction with external visitors. Working practices have been adapted by individual teams so that they can abide by social distancing requirements during their working day.

Leakage detection: Affinity Water leak detection teams are using the latest kit and methods to find and fix leaks faster than ever before. Earlier this month, Affinity Water leakage teams detected a leak in Uxbridge Road, Ealing which turned out to be a leak on private main within the grounds of Ealing Hospital. The hospital maintenance team were not able to carry out the repair, so Affinity Water technicians and contractors stepped in to help repair the private main, which ensured the hospital’s supply of water was not interrupted.

For more information or to find out how to access the support offered by Affinity Water, please visit

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