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16 March 21

Virtual Home Water Efficiency Checks prove a success

  • Over 2,000 Affinity Water customers received free virtual home water efficiency check since January 2021 alone
  • Since September 2020 an estimated 350,000 litres of water has been saved as a result of tailored advice and help to install free water saving devices

When the UK went into #Covid19 lockdown a year ago Affinity Water sprang into action to introduce new socially distanced ways of working that now look as if they will be here to stay for the longer term too.

Affinity Water’s Home Water Check team was able to switch from face to face meetings to a virtual programme within five working days.

Working with its delivery partner PN Daly staff used video calls and phones to speak with customers depending on which system of communication they preferred. Previously the programme was just delivered by face to face visits alone.

Steve Johnston, Affinity Water’s Home Water Saving Manager explained how they did it and he says the new way of working is here to stay:

“Remobilising in this way takes thought, not only about our key deliverables but also about how it will affect our customers and our teams. We needed to ensure everyone understood what we were doing and why. We had to review our expected targeted outputs and uptake rates to maintain performance as we have very ambitious PCC reduction targets which we want to achieve. But we all had a can-do attitude to change.“Covid19 did present us with challenges as we knew we couldn’t any longer enter homes, however, it has also enabled us to look at new ways of working and brought our team closer together.

“The lesson we have learnt in the past year through three Covid19 lockdowns is that there are many different ways to delivery water efficiency messaging rather than just the standard “home visit”.Throughout the water industry the Water Efficiency Network has been engaging on new methods, outputs and feedback for some time now and this is something we will be discussing with them.

Mr Johnston went onto say that customers had given positive feedback on the new ways of working too:

“We have had really positive feedback, customers are happy that they can still learn about water usage in their homes and save money off their bills, which is now more important than ever due to the impact Covid19 has had on the economy.The world is constantly changing and our industry is always developing and looking at new ways of working and that personally gave me the confidence to bring about change in Affinity Water. Our teams have had a very positive impact from the beginning."

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