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Community Engagement in Wey

05 March 19

Community Engagement in Wey

Partnering with others is a great way of achieving common goals in the most efficient way as it provides an opportunity to join expertise and resources and bring us closer to the communities where we operate.

Earlier this week, a team from the Surrey Wildlife Trust visited our site in Staines/Egham to learn about the work we do. In return, Glen Skelton, Wetland Landscapes Officer at the Trust delivered a presentation to our teams from the laboratory, network and production on the latest projects in our supply area. In particular he talked about the Citizen Science Projects where people from local communities volunteer to help protect the health of local rivers and monitoring regime of early signs of pollution.

Labs Technical Manager Chris Underwood said: “It was a pleasure to host representatives from the Surrey Wildlife Trust at the laboratory as part of our community engagement. They were really engaged during a tour of the lab facilities and posed lots of technical questions to the lab staff conducting the tour. This engagement was reciprocated by the lab and sampling teams when the Trust delivered a presentation on the projects they are currently involved with to a packed room. I hope the visit and presentation has inspired the teams to get involved in some of the future volunteering projects with the Trust and we are happy to encourage this.

Business Production Lead Maria Kominou said: “The team from the Trust were excited to see how water is abstracted, treated and supplied locally to their taps from our Egham Water Treatment Works and the scientific analysis of the hundreds of samples analysed every day to ensure the water we supply to our customers is of the highest quality. It was a great day for everyone involved and an opportunity for future projects with the Trust to increase our presence in our local community.

Tania Ord-Smith from the Trust said: “We all learned so much and were incredibly grateful for your generosity in sharing your knowledge of Affinity’s processes and the science behind it. We were really delighted that so many staff came along to hear about the conservation work we carry out on Surrey’s rivers and asked such interesting questions. Thank you again for being such fantastic and engaged partners!

Our partnership with Surrey Wildlife Trust

We partner with Surrey Wildlife Trust, environmental experts in our Wey Community. As corporate members, our people help hands-on as volunteers to maintain the habits of local rivers and reserves the Trust is managing in the local community. Recently we funded monitoring equipment to enable early detection of pollution incidents in the River Way catchment.

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