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20 July 21

Affinity Water helps holiday makers in the Clacton area to save water and enjoy their stay

Haven Holiday Village

Affinity Water has teamed up with holiday parks in the Clacton area to identify and introduce new water saving measures.

As holidaymakers start hitting the beaches of Clacton for some fun in the sun they will find their shower, toilet and washing facilities have new water saving devices fitted so that water supply can be sustained across their parks and campsites throughout their stay.

Affinity Water staff have been working with Park Holidays and Haven to target some of their holiday parks and help reduce their water use.

Water Saving Project Manager Steve Johnston said: “As the population swells over the summer, we need to be able to continue to keep our customers supplied with water. Clacton is situated in a water-stressed area, and we know from experience there will be a huge increase in demand again this summer.

“This is a really exciting and new project, something that’s not been done before – it’s great to be involved and leading the way.

“We’ve already carried out surveys on the five holiday parks run by Park Holidays and Haven in the Clacton area. We’ve reviewed their logger data from 2019 to the present day, so we know how much water they’re using. We found some holiday parks are using in excess of 250,000 litres of water a day!! That’s absolutely massive!

“We know that by making some changes to the areas we have identified, we can really help them – which in turn will help us manage peak summer demand, and in turn help us resolve possible production issues and improve customer satisfaction.”

Jonathan Waldie, part of the sustainability team at Haven commented: “We are constantly looking at how we can best save water and a few years ago implemented a leak detection and repair program to ensure we utilise our supplies as best as possible.

“We’re happy to support this project at our parks in the area and ensure that we support low flow rates in our hire fleet as well as swimming pools whilst still providing a great holiday experience for our guests.”

This week Affinity Water staff have begun installing and putting in water saving devices at the holiday parks. These will include:

  • water efficient shower heads
  • tap aerators to reduce the flow per minute
  • airgap valves on toilets to reduce usage per flush
  • urinal monitoring systems to reduce water wastage
  • flow restriction valves – just providing enough water for what’s needed, helping sustain supply across the parks!

Once the installations have been completed, the logging data will be reviewed again to measure what the benefits have been.

Affinity Water has partnered with H2O IQ Ltd to do the installations and has been working closely with its Water Regulations teams to make sure the fittings and installations meet a high standard.

Affinity Water’s Head of External Communications Kevin Barton said: “This will be a win-win for everyone involved and I can’t wait to see the results and the positive impact this will have as the months go by. We want holiday makers to the region to enjoy themselves, particularly as many of them will be going out for the first time since the Covid19 restrictions have been eased, but using water responsibly with the help of specific new fixtures and fittings will help them to enjoy their holidays more.

“One of the benefits of this project is that we have formed closer relationships with holiday park owners in our region and we have spoken with local retailers so we’re keeping everyone in the loop and living our values to be a community focused water company as the largest water only company in the UK.”


Our photograph shows: Haven - The Orchards Holiday Village, Clacton

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