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02 August 16

Children of Chernobyl visit Education Centre

In late July, eight children from an impoverished area in Belarus, affected by the Chernobyl disaster visited Affinity Water’s Education and Environment Centre as part of the Chernobyl Children’s lifeline charity.

For the last five years, the Education and Environment Centre has provided the children with a fun filled day of activities and an opportunity to learn more about water and the wider environment.

The children visiting live in the villages which lie just outside the 30km exclusion zone that surrounds the old Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Every year, the charity takes children from the disadvantaged areas that have been affected by the disaster and takes them on a four week trip to the UK.

The time away from radiated areas in Belarus, even for just one month, significantly boosts the immune systems of the children, giving them a greater chance to overcome any illnesses they may develop through their adolescence as a result from contaminated food and water.

Jo Whitaker, Education Co-Ordinator at Affinity Water said: “It was a great day for everyone involved. The children all enjoyed themselves and some were even teaching us some of their favourite games! We worked with the children on pond dipping and mini-beast hunting, giving them a chance to embrace their childhood in a safe environment. The day was very rewarding and we are committed to hosting the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline and supporting future visits.

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