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22 March 18

Supply interruptions in Barnet following severe weather

During this period, some of our customers in the locality of Barnet experienced loss of their water supply and times when the water pressure was below normal standards.

We put as much extra water into our local network as we could to replace the water lost and had our teams working around the clock to find and fix bursts as quickly as possible to restore supplies and normal water pressure. We sincerely apologise to all those who were without water or experienced low pressure during this time. We also understand the frustration of customers in the area who may have experienced interruption of their water supply on previous occasions during the last 12 months. We therefore wanted to let you know what we have been doing over the last year to make supplies to this area more resilient.

We have been reviewing how the network of water mains in the area is working and have invested a great deal of resources to help us understand what has been causing the air locks and bursts affecting supplies in the area. The insight from this review has informed the investments we are making to minimise the risk of unplanned interruptions in the future.

We have installed additional devices on our water mains network. These allow us to monitor, and give us greater control of, the flow and pressure of water through our water mains. We have also installed seven new valves at key locations on our water mains to minimise the risk of air locks which have been causing interruptions to supplies. We have also replaced equipment in the water tower at Cockfosters and completed internal inspections of our three storage reservoirs in the area and their key outlet pipes.

We are continuing to review our water mains network in and around the area to see where additional work is needed to address the problems experienced on this and previous occasions.

We are very sorry for any disruption to your water supply and would like to thank you for your patience. We have written to customers eligible for compensation to explain the arrangements we are making.

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