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AW Volunteers for annual wetland work

10 September 18

Affinity Water volunteers for annual wetland work

Affinity Water joined The White Cliffs Countryside Partnership at Holywell Fen at Folkestone Downs this week, for the annual fen clearance to help maintain this special wetland habitat.

Holywell Fen is one of the sources of the Pent Stream which runs through the town of Folkestone to the harbour where it meets the sea. The clear water that pours out of the chalk downland above, keeps the fen wet all year round and is an important place for wildlife.

Volunteers from Affinity Water and the White Cliffs Countryside Partnership came together to maintain the wetland habitat. The team cleared the wetland by hand to prevent any further scrub and trees growing, which can dry the area out and result in the loss of the plants and animals that depend on the wetland. The vegetation is cut by hand in autumn and no more than half of the fen is cut, so that invertebrates and reptiles, which prefer taller vegetation, have a suitable habitat.


Richard Haynes, WCCP Manager said: “We have been working with Affinity Water for a number of years on environmental and community projects, and I am always impressed by how the company engages with local communities and leads honest discussions about water resources and the environment, but also by its willingness to get involved in practical action on the ground at events such as this.”

Pauline Walsh, Chief Executive Officer at Affinity Water said: “It’s been great fun and hard work, but we have made a difference, and this is very much a part of what Affinity Water wants to do - to make the environment better and protect water.”

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