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A day in the life of Allen

03 March 21

A day in the life of Allen

Allen smiling outside of his Affinity Water van

It’s like being a detective

My partner Zara and I are key workers so I’m up first for a quick shower and then into the kitchen where I make sandwiches for six – kids being kids will just snack all day if left to their own devices. I must admit I have really taken to my role in leakage and enjoy going to work every day so it’s a hot cup of tea then out to work.

I’m a Leakage Control Technician on the intensive leakage team and have been on leakage for about four years now and I love it. I have worked on most sectors in the water industry but find leakage very rewarding. It all starts with a slight noise on a valve or hydrant and that’s where the real works begins. It’s like being a detective; you never know whether it will be a burst main or a customer side leak, sometimes you can find boundary stop taps on the drive but sometimes you have to go looking because they can be hidden in bushes under slabs and under plant pots. But never give up looking because it’s the ones that are missing that are the ones that have the leak. The value in finding leaks to me is knowing that not only are you saving water, but it has a huge impact on our environment.

Sharing information is vital

We have this saying “There is no I in team”. Since I have been working for Affinity Water I have found it a great place to work, everybody gets on well and interacts well within teams. If you don’t have that interaction it is a long day. I find that sharing information is vital in the water industry, we have a lot of apparatus and if you can share what you know about something it can save a lot of hard work and possibly keep you all safe.

My work is important within Affinity Water because if we don’t find the leaks it has an impact on the customer. We are in the business of providing clean safe drinking water and taking as little from the environment as possible, protecting the eco system is paramount.

Snapshot of Allen checking for a leak

We do a lot of walking

Lunch time is important as you need to keep the energy levels up. In our role we do a lot of walking so, a good sandwich and a hot drink is the order of the day. When I first started with Affinity Water my cholesterol level was 8.5 but since being on leakage and all the walking it is now down to 5.0.

My four children and little Irish cat are waiting for me

I work 7am to 3pm so as soon as work is finished I head home to my four young ones. There’s nothing like having a large family and trust me, having four teenagers in the house is never dull. I miss my darts and pool during the week. Before the pandemic we would all go up to the club in Staines. Alex, Megan, Evie and Rachel would all be playing on their phones and I would be playing darts or pool.

It varies what time I get home, normally I’m home around 3.30 pm and my little Irish cat is waiting for me in the car park. Then hello everybody. Rachel is always there “how was your day at work Dad?” The others just shout “Hi Dad” then it’s into the kitchen to clean up where they have been cooking and experimenting with all kinds of mixtures.

Ready for another day in Gotham city

As I said, I love my darts and have played all over Ireland with some of the top UK players. I have a Triumph sprint motor bike which I love working on in the summer and going out for rides. At the moment I am doing an apprenticeship with Water Train, it’s a Level 3 water process course and this keep me busy reading most nights. Knowing that I have a great family keeps me happy and ready for another day in Gotham city, the next thing I know the alarm is going off.

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