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Affinity Water profiles a day in the life of its key workers as it issues new high-vis jackets

04 March 21

Affinity Water profiles a day in the life of its key workers as it issues new high-vis jackets

Some of Affinity Water’s key workers have spoken of how rewarding and essential their work has been during the current Covid19 lockdown. As the company issues new high visibility key worker ‘maintain social distance’ jackets to its frontline teams individual employees are telling their key worker stories of how they keep the water flowing to customers’ homes.

Customers are also being urged to get in touch with Affinity Water if they are struggling to pay their bills.

No two days are alike for Rachel Davidson, a Customer Service Technician, who lives in Potters Bar and who says her team “help one-another out where we can”; or James Lister, a Customer Service Technician, who lives in Bedfordshire and who says he likes to give people in his community a “wave” and say “hello”. While Allen Kerr, a Leakage Control Technician, who lives in Staines-upon-Thames describes himself as a key worker who is much like a “detective” in tracking down problems on the network.

Whether they are attending customer appointments, investigating leaks, or assisting with mains bursts Affinity Water’s key workers are efficiently fulfilling their many different roles within their teams.

Zoom meetings allow them to stay in contact with their colleagues and they say they derive a sense of satisfaction from helping to deliver the best quality of water to customers despite the pandemic.

Rachel writes: “As every day is different it is nice to sometimes meet up with my colleagues to collect breakfast from a local outlet, or just meeting them via zoom etc. This way we can go through the challenges we have encountered or certain job procedures – we are a good team and very supportive of each other. I am a woman in what was once regarded as a man’s job and, I am very much part of the team. We do help each other out when we can.”

James writes: “I like my role within Affinity Water, as it gives me the responsibilities of having my own area to take ownership of, which has been fantastic for me as well as for the company. I have built up a great knowledge, history and understanding of the water network in the area. There’s never a day when somebody doesn’t ask me for help, not only that but I have built up a good rapport within the community and the customers within the area who know me very well now. I always say hello when they see me or wave. I really value this because it makes me feel really established within the community and respected by the company.”

Allen writes: “I’m a Leakage Control Technician on the intensive leakage team and have been on leakage for about four years now and I love it. I have worked on most sectors in the water industry but find leakage very rewarding. It all starts with a slight noise on a valve or hydrant and that’s where the real works begins. It’s like being a detective; you never know whether it will be a burst main or a customer side leak, sometimes you can find boundary stop taps on the drive but sometimes you have to go looking because they can be hidden in bushes under slabs and under plant pots. But never give up looking because it’s the ones that are missing that are the ones that have the leak. The value in finding leaks to me is knowing that not only are you saving water, but it has a huge impact on our environment.”

Jake Rigg Director of Corporate Affairs and Communities said: “The new high visibility jackets issued to our key worker teams this week will help the public to be aware of the need to keep a distance in accordance with the Covid19 safety rules. Our employees have responded to our request to write more about their work on the frontline continuing to deliver high quality water to our 3.6 million customers across our three regions day and night during the pandemic. These key worker teams are often unsung heroes and during the recent cold weather snap they stepped up their efforts to ensure leaks and bursts were dealt with promptly in accordance with all the processes and procedures of Covid19. We wanted the public to be aware of what they do and how committed they are to their work, which is really evident when you read their own stories of a Day in the Life of Rachel, James and Allen.

“We also want our customers to know that if they are struggling to pay their bills that they can request a payment plan to help spread the cost. There are a number of ways in which we can help to devise the appropriate payment package for their individual circumstances including if they have suffered financially as a result of the Covid19 pandemic. We are urging them to get in touch sooner rather than later. Our teams have already supported over 6,000 people who were struggling to pay.”

More information about all of these help to pay schemes is on the Affinity Water website

Customers affected financially by Covid 19 can apply for a payment break or spread the cost of their bill. They can find out more at: If they would prefer to speak to someone they can ring 0345 357 2412.

You can read all three relate more about their own Day in the Life stories by clicking on these links:

  1. Rachel Davidson
  2. James Lister
  3. Allen Kerr

Photographs of each are attached to their stories.

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